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For at least a decade now, there’s new research every two or three years that comes to the same conclusion: experiences, not things, make us happy.

Based on that data, it’s pretty safe to say that travel makes us happy. Because really, what better way to pick up new experiences than through travel?

It’s important to note how vital travel and tourism is to our economy, but the impact it has on our connections, health and happiness is just as valuable to highlight.

How does travel actually accomplish that? Take a look:

Bye Bye Burnout


Family BondingSo if you asked what the Travel Effect means to me, those facts are just a few things I’d have to say. But like it says above, travel is really about experiences. So take some time off, take it on the road and get back to your own Travel Effect. Because the experiences and the memories we gain with travel last a lifetime. 

This week, we’re celebrating the 31st annual National Travel and Tourism week. Find out more about the Travel Effect by following us on opens in a new windowFacebook, opens in a new windowTwitter and opens in a new windowInstagram. And tell us in the comments about what travel means to you!