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When you’re planning your trip to Columbia, there are lots of things you might do to get ready. Reserve a hotel room, make a packing list, get someone to watch the cat. You also check out this blog or our website to decide where you want to eat, what shops you want to visit or which art galleries you want to explore.

There are many ways to connect with Columbia before, during and after your visit. From to comfort of your own home to being on the go, we’re here to show you how amazing Columbia is and to answer any questions you might have. So come hang out with us! Here’s how:

opens in a new windowFacebook: Connect with other Columbia fans, post pictures and ask questions.

opens in a new windowTwitter: Updates on events, attractions, restaurants and more…all in 140 characters or less.

Email: Need some expert help from a Columbia staffer? Email us at info (at) gocolumbiamo (dot) com.

opens in a new windowPinterest: Our beautifully curated boards will give you a taste of the Columbia experience before you even arrive.

opens in a new windowE-newsletters: Get our general newsletter every month or take it a step further and tell us what your interests are, and you’ll be on the list for anything from shopping to sports.

opens in a new windowRequest a Visitor Guide: A handy reference while you’re planning or while you’re exploring.

Phone: We love talking to visitors! Give us a call at 1.800.652.0987

When planning your trip, we hope you’ll pick one or two of these methods to connect with us. We love having you here!

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