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Traffic Box Art

One of the most popular places in Columbia is The District, the city’s thriving and vibrant downtown area. Home to dozens of local restaurants, shops and galleries, The District is often busting with visitors and citizens of all ages. Next time you’re exploring downtown, keep your eyes open for some pieces of art you might not expect…on traffic boxes!

Each year the City of Columbia, Missouri invites local artists to apply for a public art project to create art on traffic signal boxes in the downtown area. The goal of the project is to decrease the instances of graffiti on these surfaces while making them artful objects.

Now at five locations throughout downtown, this project has added unexpected pops of color and beauty to the landscape.

Before you visit, opens in a new windowcheck out where the boxes are located and enjoy videos featuring the artists as they complete their projects. Just another unexpected Columbia highlight that you won’t want to miss!

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