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Our friends from Visit Knoxville put some information together for our Tiger fans heading to Tennessee this weekend:

Even the visiting team is treated like a local. Someone suggested we put that in an ad for Knoxville and well, we did. Cause it’s true. The locals may not say, “good luck” but they’ll always say “have a great time” – and we know you will. Knoxville is a favorite town for SEC fans, but it’s gotten even better since you were here in 2014.

Since then, the city has added several new downtown restaurants, including opens in a new windowMaple Hall – a bowling alley/restaurant, a opens in a new windowBrew Tour to give you a true taste of our expanding craft beer scene, and Pretentious Beer Glass Company- a one-of-a-kind spot where you can not only try a local beer, but watch your very own beer glass be crafted by glass artisans. And the best part? It’s all in and around Market Square – within walking distance of campus – so you can work a few things in before and after that 3:30 kick off.

We expect (and hope) you’ll be here for an extra day or two, so plan now for a trip to opens in a new windowZoo Knoxville  (home to more than 800 animals, including 3 adorable baby gorillas) or our popular opens in a new windowUrban Wilderness (a 1000-acre stretch with 50 hiking and biking trails just minutes from downtown). Bike rentals are available if you don’t want to haul your own. Just contact us ahead of time; our Visitors Center will point you in the right direction.

Speaking of our opens in a new windowVisitors Center… Let’s talk about that for just a minute. This is not your typical ‘maps and gifts’ Visitors Center. Yes, we have all of that (including the appropriately sized opens in a new windowclear bags you’re going to need at Neyland Stadium; and no, they aren’t ALL orange), but we also have live music. Yes, The Knoxville Visitors Center, located at 301 Gay Street – across from the Crowne Plaza where some of you are no doubt staying – is home to WDVX, a very popular independent radio station well-known for its mix of Bluegrass, Americana, Classic and Alternative Country, Western Swing, Blues, Old Time and Appalachian Mountain Music, Bluegrass Gospel, Celtic and Folk. Whew! Every Monday – Saturday at noon, the WDVX broadcasts “The Blue Plate Special” – a free, live concert. So make plans to stop by!

Visit KnoxvilleWhile you’re at the Visitors Center, you can find out more about all of the other music, entertainment, history and culture this city has to offer. If you haven’t been here, you’re going to be surprised at how much you’ll find. If you HAVE been here, you’ll be surprised by how much more you’ll find. Head to opens in a new to learn more.

So travel safely and good… er, rather… have a great time.

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