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We checked out the photos posted around Columbia to find out what people are Instagramming the most, and there are definitely some favorite spots! Take a look at our list of ‘must-Instagram’ places in CoMo:

The Columns

Duh, right? Mizzou’s opens in a new windowiconic Columns are the 2nd most photographed spot in Missouri – so obviously it’s a can’t-miss for any Instagrammer visiting CoMo.

City Hall

City Hall is a beautiful building but to make it even more Insta-worthy, there’s this unique  opens in a new windowKeys to the City sculpture in front commemorating Columbia’s history.

CoMo trails

We have 60+ miles of trails, and the MKT has even been voted the 2nd opens in a new windowbest urban trail in the nation. Lucky for us we also have a great Parks and Recreation department to keep the trails in good shape and looking beautiful.


While not exactly a ‘place,’ Columbia is home to so many awesome  opens in a new windowfestivals like Roots N Blues N BBQ, opens in a new windowTrue/False Film Fest, Art in the Park, Citizen Jane Film Fest, the Heritage Festival, Unbound Book Festival, and more.

Capen Park

opens in a new windowCapen Park provides picture-perfect views from the bluffs, and who doesn’t want to Instagram fall colors, a bluff-top sunrise, or cute pups on a hike? (We know there are daredevils out there but we do not recommend getting close to the edge.)

Memorial Union

The tower of Memorial Union was completed in 1926 as a tribute to students who lost their lives in World War I. One of opens in a new windowMizzou’s many traditions involves always tipping your hat and whispering when walking underneath the tower to honor the fallen soldiers. The tower is popular on Instagram because of the gorgeous architecture (and it reminds Harry Potter fans of Hogwarts, so there’s that, too).

Columbia’s Skyline

From parking garages, The Roof, hot air balloons… you name it, photos of Columbia from above are another ‘must-have’ for Instagram.

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

opens in a new windowRock Bridge is kind of like our hidden secret: not many visitors know about the caves, natural rock bridge, sinkholes, and everything else that can be found in the park. There are eight major trails for you to explore – but definitely check out the plank trail that takes you to Connor’s Cave (Devil’s Ice Box is currently closed to protect the bats) and by the rock bridge for great photo opportunities.

Food from Local Restaurants

Nachos from opens in a new windowAddison’s, ice cream from opens in a new windowSparky’s, opens in a new windowHarold’s Doughnuts, Shakespeare’s Pizza, etc. We have so many opens in a new windowdelicious restaurants – foodies (and Instagrammers) rejoice!

Public art

Columbia is full of random art – opens in a new windowtraffic box art, wall murals, opens in a new windowstorm drain paintings, sculptures, and more. Learn more about our public art and how to take a self-guided public art tour from the opens in a new windowOffice of Cultural Affairs.

Honorable mention: The Big Tree

opens in a new windowThe Big Tree is just south of Columbia off of Route K, and is worth the short drive or bike ride. If you have never seen it, you’re probably thinking, “what’s the big deal about a tree?” We think the photos speak for themselves, but if you want stats: this tree is the largest bur oak tree in Missouri, and is around 350 years old, 90 feet tall, and has a circumference of 287 inches. It has survived floods, lightning strikes, and the occasional vandalism, and locals and visitors love stopping by The Big Tree for picnics and photos. Just trust us on this one.

What do you think? Did we include everything or did we miss something? Tag us on opens in a new windowInstagram and use #ShowMeCoMo!

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Happy New Year! As happy as everyone is to leave 2017 behind and start fresh with 2018, we couldn’t resist taking a look back at our most popular Instagram photos from the past year. Looking through these photos, it’s clear that our followers love trails, trees, and sunsets:


dog sitting on a snow-covered bridge on one of Columbia's trails

@nelletheaussie enjoyed a snowy walk on one of Columbia’s many trails.


nighttime The Big Tree

The Big Tree is a popular spot for both visitors and locals. This shot was captured by @zachev7.

Marchcloudy day shot of The Big Tree surrounded by purple honeysuckle

Everyone loves to Instagram The Big Tree. Photo from @alissabriannephotography.


nighttime shot of The Big Tree

Seriously… you all REALLY like The Big Tree. Photo by @haley.robison.


the natural Rock Bridge at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park with extremely flooded creek

A unique photo of a flooded rock bridge at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. Photo captured by @wrumpf.


sunset over the Katy Trail

Our Instagram followers love trail shots and sunsets – this post of The Katy Trail is the perfect combo. Photo from @kim_horgan.


stormy sunset over Columbia MO

This stormy summer sunset was captured by @duyhauvn, who has awesome Columbia photos.


solar eclipse photo with sun peeking out from behind the moon

Let’s not forget about the once-in-a-lifetime event that occurred in August – a total solar eclipse right over Columbia! We had visitors from all over the world, and the experience was truly amazing. Photo by @rgriffin89


Exterior of Fretboard Coffee building in the North Village Arts District of Columbia, MO

Fretboard Coffee, one of Columbia’s popular coffee shops, is hidden away in the North Village Arts District. Photo from @younggloomy_.


trees showing off their fall colors over the MKT Trail in Columbia MO

The trees really showed off their colors during the fall. This photo of the MKT Trail was taken by @allietea.


the Magic Tree, covered in holiday lights at the Village of Cherry Hill in Columbia, MO

We love our trees here in CoMo. This is the original ‘Magic Tree,’ located at The Village of Cherry Hill. Photo taken by Visit Columbia team member, Sandi Peters. 


huge 'magic tree' covered in holiday lights at The Crossing church in Columbia, MO

The Crossing Church introduced a new ‘Magic Tree’ to Columbia in 2017, and it is huge! The tree is 85 feet tall and was covered in 200,000 lights. Photo taken by Visit Columbia team member, Sandi Peters. 

Use the tag #ShowMeCoMo on your Columbia photos, and we might ask to share it with our followers!

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We decided to celebrate the arrival of 2016 by looking back at 2015 (our Instagram photos from 2015, anyway) – here are the fan-favorite photos:

January 29, 2015

Mizzou 1926

“An aerial view of the University of Missouri before the student union was added to Memorial Tower, 1926.”

February 10, 2015

Rock Bridge Trail

“Name this park! Columbia is lucky to have such a beautiful and unique state park. Photo by Jennifer McGovney.” [Rock Bridge Memorial State Park]

March 24, 2015

Mugs Up

“It may not look like much but Mugs Up has been a CoMo favorite since the 1950s! It’s open for the season so swing on by for lunch today.”

April 2, 2015

TBT Billboard

“An early “Visit Columbia” sign from the 1950s – what do you think? Would you visit? Photo courtesy of the State Histortical Society of Missouri.”

May 29, 2015

Memorial Union 2

“Flashback to fall at Mizzou. Columbia sure is quiet with the majority of students gone – see you in August!”

June 18, 2015


#regram “ opens in a new window@derekhartley91: So over this rain but the sunset was pretty.”

July 15, 2015

like if you love como

“‘Like’ if you <3 CoMo!”

August 17, 2015

welcome back

“Students have been trickling back into town, and we’re so excited to have them back! Have a great school year, students! Don’t forget to tag your great CoMo pics with #columbiamo.”

September 23, 2015

downtown sunrise

“A beautiful sunrise in downtown Columbia. Thanks for sharing, opens in a new window@weavrg!”

October 23, 2015

fall creek from thewickedgenius

“We are loving everyone’s CoMo fall photos! Thanks to opens in a new window@thewickedgenius for sharing this colorful shot”

November 20, 2015

rainy downtown

“Great rainy night shot of 8th Street from opens in a new window@wenbozzz. Thanks for sharing! Remember to tag us in your photos or use #columbiamo if you want us to see and share your CoMo photos!”

December 1, 2015

magic tree downtown

“It’s December! We have two tree lightings this week [Magic Tree and Shelter Insurance Tree]. Check our calendar of events for more information. This tree is located downtown in The District. Photo from opens in a new window@ms.maul. Thanks for sharing!”

Follow us opens in a new window@VisitColumbiaMO, and as always, don’t forget to tag your photos #ColumbiaMO – we love to see them! Happy New Year!

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Downtown Columbia (The District) is full of great restaurants and delicious treats – here are 10 meals that Instagram users have shared over the past month. Warning: reading this while hungry will make you more hungry.

Cafe Berlin | 220 N. 10th St.
opens in a new window@thestephyp Dixie Benny! Home made cornbread, ham, poached eggs, and vegetable gravy! #bestbrunchinawhile”

Sake Japanese Bistro | 16 S. 10th St.
opens in a new window@elizabethinpink Mmmm sushi dates are fun”

Coley’s American Bistro | 15 S. 6th St.
opens in a new window@lonawood Hands down best place in CoMo! Love the food, drinks, atmosphere and music!  #hereeveryweek #okaymultipletimesaweek #summertime  opens in a new window@coleysbistro

Chinese Wok Express | 422 E. Broadway
opens in a new window@blackgrits Getting our #pho on! #vietnamese #photogenic #beefpho #beef”

Seoul Taco | 1020 E. Broadway
opens in a new window@watertheodds Seoul Taco”

Shakespeare’s | 220 S. 8th St., 3304 W. Broadway Business Park Ct., 3911 Peachtree Dr.
opens in a new window@jasvii007 Old college days haunt. opens in a new window@kaysite opens in a new window@socalfoodiebears opens in a new window@cotraveler #shakespearspizza #mizzou #columbiamo”

Eleven Eleven | 1111 E. Broadway
opens in a new window@1111columbia Our dinner special tonight is a parmesan crusted pork chop with bacon fennel relish and roasted shallot potato purée”

Glenn’s Cafe | 29 S. 8th St.
opens in a new window@capri_su.n Catfish Sandwich. I think I like Cajun food”

Addison’s | 709 Cherry St.
opens in a new window@drewjkoch Had this delicious filet today: topped with fried onions and blue cheese, on a bed of mashed potatoes. #delicious #CoMo #columbiamo #bright #yum#food #steak…”

Main Squeeze Natural Foods Cafe | 28 S. 9th St.
opens in a new window@stephcahail I’m spending my last few days in Columbia eating at my favorite restaurants. My first stop is at The Main Squeeze! #bittersweet #salad#thefinalnomdown”

Now that you’re starving, pick one of the featured restaurants and grab a bite to eat.

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Here’s a look at some of our favorite CoMo Instagram photos so far this month –

We love our Columbia trails
opens in a new window@tamarice: Yestuhday. #KatyTrail #MKTtrail #ColumbiaMo #Schwinning #saddlesore #beenawhile #gnatseverywhere”

Surprise! Free concert!
opens in a new window@erinlburris: You know it’s a solid summer night when you stumble upon a random free concert downtown. It’s always an adventure with @ opens in a new windowhopekirwan, so happy I could come hang out with weekend ????”

Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream – a summertime favorite
opens in a new window@gracecar15: Summer adventures continue in CoMO #Sparkys #OREOspeedwagon”

Art in the Park, CoMo’s annual art festival at Stephens Lake Park
opens in a new window@annie.simon: Beautiful sights at #artinthepark #columbiamo”

Check out these Instagram users and follow us opens in a new window@VisitColumbiaMO for photos from CoMo!

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Here’s a look at some of our favorite CoMo Instagram photos from this month –

A great sunset shot from The Roof –
opens in a new window@kimberaunderwood Missouri, who knew? #nofilter #columbiamo”

This waffle from Cafe Berlin looks delish –
opens in a new window@chipsandsolsa Good food, good people, and one amazing weekend!”

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park –
opens in a new window@michellezigler We went cave exploring.”

Ozark Mountain Biscuit Truck love –
opens in a new window@sarabelle A Food Truck with Bacon Egg & Cheese is the Food Truck for Me”

Check out these Instagram users and follow us opens in a new window@VisitColumbiaMO for photos from CoMo!


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Goodbye 2014, hello 2015! To welcome the new year, check out some of our favorite opens in a new windowInstagram photos from the past year:

January 6, 2014

“It may be cold but look how pretty Rock Bridge State Park is while covered in snow! Thanks for the great picture @carmickleklan! #ColumbiaMO#RockBridgeStatePark #snow”

February 6, 2014

“Columbia is just as beautiful when covered in snow! Thanks @andrewtgibson for this pic of Mizzou’s snowy campus! #ColumbiaMO #Mizzou #snow”

March 1, 2014

“Kicking off the day with Forest of the Dancing Spirits at The Picturehouse #ColumbiaMO #truefalse #picturehouse”

April 21, 2014

“It looks like spring here at the Convention and Visitors Bureau! #columbiamo #visitcomo #springisintheair”

May 5, 2014

“Even if you can’t afford to go away on vacation, there are relaxing spots right here in #ColumbiaMO! This photo was taken at the Boone County Historical Society in the Boone Junction Village. The cabin is the Gordon-Collins log cabin, built circa 1820. #NTTW14 #Traveleffect”

June 18, 2014

“Yesterday was a beautiful evening for a stroll at Stephens Lake Park #columbiamo #stephenslake #comoparks”

July 1, 2014

“Great shot of some Columbia landmarks – Jesse Hall, The Tiger Hotel. Photo by @kingsthings. #columbiamo #tigerhotel #jessehall”

August 6, 2014

“Have you tried Glenn’s Cafe’s Bloody Mary? If you haven’t, be sure to plan a date there soon! 29 S. 8th St. #ColumbiaMO #GlennsCafe #bloodymary #comoeats”

September 30, 2014

“Hope everyone enjoyed Roots N Blues over the weekend! Thanks to those who followed along with us, and congratulations to those of you who won! See ya next year @rnbnbbq! #rnbnbbq #rootsnblues14 #Columbiamo #comofestivals”

October 22, 2014

“Great shot of the MKT Trail from @af_1. Get out and enjoy the trails while we’re having such beautiful weather! #mkttrail #columbiamo #comotrails #autumn”

November 24, 2014

“Check out this gorgeous sunset shot over Columbia! Thanks @breauxyo for sharing. #Columbiamo #mizzou #comogoldenhour”

December 3, 2014

“Columbia loves its magic trees! The original can be found at the Village of Cherry Hill, or see this one on 9th Street in front of Shakespeare’s Pizza. Thanks @photoman_cuso for sharing. #shakespearespizza #Columbiamo #magictree”

We can’t wait to see what 2015 brings! We would love to see your Columbia photos – tag us ( opens in a new window@VisitColumbiaMO) or use the hashtag #ColumbiaMO if you want to share!

Happy New Year!

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Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram shots from the past week –

This great snowy shot of Memorial Union –
opens in a new window@koryhayward I just finished my last final and walked out to realize I’ve only one semester left at this institution with its iconic traditions and impactful individuals. Here is to you, @mizzou.”

Beer from our local Bur Oak Brewing Company at Cafe Berlin –
opens in a new window@cafeberlincomo On special tonight…. Bur Oak Brown Ale. @patthrash will be slinging em gently. #drinklocal”

Brunch from Broadway Brewery –
opens in a new window@broadwaybrewery Corned beef hash with two eggs and topped with hollandaise! Sunday Funday has begun. #eatlocal #happystomachs”

Delicious-looking treats from Uprise Bakery –
opens in a new window@hallerik Dessert. #FridayNight #CoMo #TurtleBrownie #HotChocolate @bmaningat”

Check out these Instagram users and follow us ( opens in a new window@VisitColumbiaMO) for photos from CoMo!

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