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Sarah Dresser from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs offers a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town.

Sager Braudis Gallery
The 2015 Late Summer Exhibit is on display at the Sager Braudis Gallery (formerly known as PS Gallery) in the North Village Arts District through September 26. Featuring artwork by Luca Cruzat, Amy Meyer, Nora Othic, Joe Pintz, and Joel Sager. Opening reception is August 7, 6-9pm, during First Fridays in the North Village Arts District.

SB Gallery Aug. 2015

Columbia Art League
CAL Members’ Summer Open on display through August 19 at Columbia Art League.

CAL Aug. 2015opens IMAGE file

The Interpretations III exhibit opens August 22, with a reception the same day from 6-8pm. A marriage of 40 visual artists and 40 literary artists, each submitting one work of his/her own choice with any theme. Then, an art swap: Each visual artist receives a work from one of the writers; each literary artist receives an artwork. The task for each artist and writer: to create a second work of art or piece of writing, which is his or her interpretation of the other artist’s work. The result: A show of 80 artworks and 80 pieces of writing. The aim of the show: A reminder that we all see the world differently; our interpretations of the world around us are uniquely ours. How will each artist interpret the other artist’s work? How will the viewer interpret the written words and artworks in the show? This will be the third year of this extraordinary show. The previous two years’ entries can be seen in the Interpretations and Interpretations II books, available to view or purchase at the Columbia Art League.

Montminy Art Gallery
The City of Columbia Career Awareness Related Experience (C.A.R.E.) Gallery Program is hosting its annual end-of-summer show to display the artwork that these talented young artists have been creating all summer. The exhibit is on display at Boone County Historical Society’s Montminy Art Gallery through August 28. Artwork includes woodblock prints, ceramic sculpture, photography, mixed media pieces, textiles, and more!

Montminy August 2015

The C.A.R.E. program, which began in 1982, is a comprehensive program for Columbia’s at-risk youth that includes: paid real-world hands-on experience, career exploration, mentoring, and life skills training.

Also around town…

  • Craft Studio: Hometown: Personal Cartographies, artworks made by the City of Columbia C.A.R.E. Gallery Program artists-in-residence on display through August 14. Reception August 7, 4-6pm.
  • First Fridays in the North Village Arts District on August 7, 6-9pm.
  • Matt Moyer Exhibit on display at Orr Street Studios through August 30.
  • State Historical Society: Audubon’s Paper Menageries on display through November 28. Curator’s walk-through on August 29 at 1:30pm.

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Thanks to Sarah Dresser, from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, who will be offering a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town.

Artrageous Weekend
The Artrageous Weekend 2015 season kicks off April 10-12 with the introduction of its biannual event structure. The weekend begins on Friday with the traditional self-guided gallery crawl throughout The District from 6-9pm. On Saturday, enjoy a variety of interactive and educational activities and demonstrations. Live performances and restaurant collaborations conclude the weekend on Sunday with musical or artistic brunches.

Imago Gallery

Imago (April 2015)

Pictorial, Plastic: Ballou, Fletcher, Wiggs is on display at Imago Gallery & Cultural Center through April 24. Stop by the gallery during Artrageous Weekend on Friday, April 10 for Creativity Speaks, featured artist Jennifer Wiggs will be giving a brief talk at 7pm titled, “How We Create.”

Columbia Art League

CAL artwork by Emily Phaup (April 2015)

Artwork by Emily Phaup

Feast opens April 21 at Columbia Art League. Opening reception is Saturday, April 25, 6-8pm. A sumptuous indulgence, Feast, speaks to our undeniable love of food – the comfort it offers, the sensuality and passion it evokes, and the obsessions it can burden us with. The idea of the feast – an orgy of taste, texture, aroma and color, conjures up images of medieval banquets, cornucopia laden tables, goblets a-slosh with wine, limitless excess and extravagance. Feast invites artists to play with their food, to create for the viewer a delectable escape or even to remind us of the brashness of such opulence in world where many still hunger.

PS Gallery

PS Gallery artwork by Katie Musolff (April 2015)

Artwork by Katie Musolff

The Spring Exhibit is now open at PS Gallery. On display through May 30, the exhibit features works by Andy Fletcher, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Katie Musolff, Cody McLouth, and Joel Sager.

As the end of the semester draws near, don’t miss exhibits happening on our three campuses…

  • On display through May 10 at the Historic Costume Gallery at Stephens College is The Day. The Dress. The Dream., featuring bridal gowns and wedding attire from three centuries. Highlights include a dress worn at Grace Kelly’s wedding; a Vera Wang dress and a 1949 design by Ceil Chapman. Also on display will be custom designs by Stephens alumnae; multi-generational dresses worn by grandmothers, mothers and daughters; and other wedding attire such as mother-of-the-bride dresses and grooms’ attire.
  • Reverie on display through April 16 at MU’s Bingham Gallery. Closing reception on April 16
  • At Columbia College’s Greg Hartwick Gallery, see upcoming exhibits Letterpress, works by area typesetters, April 6-22 and works by Don Krumpos & Johanna Winters, April 27-May 16.

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Thanks to Sarah Dresser, from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, who will be offering a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town.

Craft Studio

Women in the Arts

(Street Minstrel by Deby Gilley)

The 22nd annual Women in the Arts Gallery Show highlights talented women artists, on display through March 20. In conjunction with Women’s History Month at the University of Missouri, the Craft Studio Gallery presents this exhibit as a tribute to women – past, present, and future whose artistic creations are often overlooked and forgotten. Stop by the opening reception on March 12, 4-6pm.

Columbia Art League

CAL remix

Everything is a Remix is currently on display through April 17 at Columbia Art League.)

An unconfirmed rumor, perpetuated by Steve Jobs, claims that Pablo Picasso once said, “good artists copy; great artists steal.” In contemporary art we know it as appropriation; to adopt, borrow, recycle, or sample from the anthology of visual culture. Though many artists push the boundaries of creative and intellectual property, we are compelled to wonder, is pure originality an impossible cause? And if so, in derivative is there not also homage? As film-maker, Kirby Ferguson, explores in ‘Everything is a Remix’, all evolution is based on three things: copy, transform, and combine. In this show artists are invited to remix their own artistic influences, be it that of another artist, a writer, musician, film-maker, or a specific piece of their work, and offer up an homage to the creativity they have inspired.

Orr Street Studios

Amy Meyer
(Amy Meyer)

Orr Street Studios presents a new exhibit by local artist Amy Meyer, on display March 5-April 25. Opening reception during First Fridays in the North Village Arts District, March 6, 6-9pm.

In the artist’s words…

“My foray into the world of working with only color, texture and composition was not intentional. It developed over time. Having primarily been a representational artist, I find it challenging to explain a certain piece from this body of work. There really is no correct explanation. As I work, the painting evolves over time, beginning with no real plan, but primarily the intrigue of working with color and texture. Composition comes as the work progresses, layer by layer, which can be days or months from the time it began. My goal, if I were to have one, would be to create work that stands on its own, intriguing the viewer with the complex yet simple marriage of color, composition, and texture.” – Amy Meyer

Bingham Gallery

Stop by the Bingham Gallery on MU’s campus for two MFA Thesis Exhibitions this month. Vivarium, an exhibit by Laura Tyler is up through March 13. Closing reception is March 13, 5-7pm with a gallery talk from 4:30-5pm. Matrices Metamorphosis by Tamryn McDermott is on display March 16-April 2.

Also around town…

In case you missed it in February, these exhibits are up through March and the beginning of April:

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