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fretboard coffee

Hello! My name is Andrea and I am a sales manager for the
Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau.6697small- Andreaopens IMAGE file I am an avid traveler, and I love the experience of meeting new people, experiencing new unexpected environments, the FOOD, the art, music and just soaking it all up.

Each month I am going to introduce you, our visitor, to all things Columbia, especially our fabulous arts community.  Along the way we will explore some of our fabulous locally- owned restaurants or one of our many music venues or fabulous festivals.   I hope you enjoy this city as much as I do, and of course, we would love to have you back many times to take advantage of WHAT YOU UNEXPECT.

Let’s start with the art of coffee! I love coffee, especially this time of year when the air has turned crisp and refreshing – I enjoy the warmth of the cup in my hand, the wonderful aroma and the work of art.  Columbia’s baristas are artisans, turning ordinary foam into a work of art. Columbia is lucky to have some amazing coffee shops, each awesome in their own unique way.  Take for example: Coffee Zone. If you want to be amped and ready for the day, Rocket Fuel will take you there! Also, Lakota has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages a slower, more relaxed pace. Not to mention a particularly delightful mocha. fretboardopens IMAGE file

A recent discovery is Fretboard Coffee. They are located in the North Village Arts District, tucked away next to the Catacombs beneath Artlandish. If you haven’t been to this great area, GO!

Fretboard, like many of Columbia’s great coffee shops, roasts their own certified organic, free trade coffee beans. But what is so interesting about Fretboard is their unique way of customizing each cup of coffee. They have several different delivery methods to choose from – the tfretboardraditional French press delivers a full bodied cup, while the Chemex – invented by a chemist many moons ago, delivers a delicate cup, and the Aeropress, which is similar to an espresso and will give you quite a jolt. But my favorite, not only because I enjoy the end product, but because it looks so darn cool – is the Siphon pot. This pot truly looks like a science experiment and always results in a great pot of coffee. Stop by and watch these coffee artists work their magic and deliver you a wonderful work of art – in a cup.

So as you are strolling around the District, enjoying the magic tree and the holiday lights, please grab a coffee from one of our many, wonderful local coffee purveyors. Enjoy the public art, support our great locally owned businesses, and dine at one of our many fabulous, locally- owned restaurants.

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