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Boone County Fair Established in 1835

The opens in a new windowBoone County Fair has been around for years and years, so it’s not news that it’s a great family event. There’s a huge opens in a new windowschedule of events, opens in a new windowqueen competitions, opens in a new windowlivestock shows and of course a opens in a new windowdemolition derby. But it’s not just the traditional action that’s attracting attention, it’s what’s new this year!

  • Don’t miss these brand new Boone County Fair features:
  • A brand new carnival featuring the Nemesis 360, one of the only two in the country!
  • After a two-year absence, the BCF Talent Show is back!
  • The first ever mule show on Saturday the 28th!
  • This year, the fair will host a kickball tournament and a mud volleyball tournament. Get in on the action!

If you weren’t sure if the fair was your thing, there are plenty of activities to keep the fair expert and novice alike entertained all week. We’ll see you there (at the fair)!

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