Dear Group Tour Planner:

Make Columbia the anchor for your mid-Missouri experience and explore everything the region has to offer.  We strive to make you feel right at home. Columbia is one of Missouri’s best restaurant towns with many local, chef-owned eateries featuring locally produced foods. Columbia’s downtown District is home to fantastic art galleries, eclectic specialty shops and a friendly atmosphere. With nearly 4000 rooms and many options to choose from, Columbia’s hotel community is eager to provide you and your group with an excellent hospitality experience.

We offer a variety of services for group tour planners including:

  • Tour Planner Assistance
  • Group Friendly Hotels
  • Group Friendly Restaurants
  • Personalized Familiarization (FAM) Tours
  • Reservation Assistance for attractions & restaurants
  • Hotel Rate Solicitation
  • Step-On Welcome
  • Group Friendly Restaurant Survey
  • Complimentary sheet cakes for welcome receptions
  • Custom Itinerary Planning including special theme tours
  • A regional planner featuring 7 themed tours for Central Missouri

The Columbia hospitality industry is ready and waiting to extend to you a warm welcome with over 30 hotels, representing 3,500 sleeping rooms. Columbia is also one of Missouri’s best restaurant towns. Visitors never go hungry with over 200 restaurants to choose from!

You may request a Tour Proposal online, which allows you to input your requirements and send them directly to us at your leisure.

We look forward to helping you plan your Group Tour. Thank you.

Beth Mead, Tourism Sales Supervisor