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Fire up your grills, your smokers and your competitive spirit! The 6th Annual Kansas City BBQ Society Sanctioned Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival Competition is set to kick off Friday, September 21st. More than 60 teams will compete for pride and prizes in what is truly a 24 hour event!

This is serious business.

Competitors set up all day Friday and get cooking, staying through the night at the competition site to keep an eye on the prize. Once Saturday morning rolls around, you can smell all that smoke throughout the festival as the entrants get ready to submit their finest to the judges.

All of this may have you thinking, ‘I want to judge! I want to gorge myself on championship barbeque!’ The application is still on the Roots ‘n Blues site, but spots always go fast and it also helps if you’re sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

While you can’t actually taste what they’re cooking if you’re just an average festival goer, you should still take some time out from the musical acts and wander through the BBQ Village. Chat up the competitors, many of whom are more than happy to show you how they get it done. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of BBQ for sale in the festival, so you’ll never go hungry.