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We’re just a few short weeks away from one of Columbia’s hallmark weekends…the opens in a new windowTrue/False Film Fest.

True False Film Festival

Last year, we gave you a few tips on how to opens in a new windowmake the most of your festival experience. Before the craziness of opens in a new windowticket reservations (truly the only stressful part of the festival) kick in, here are few more tips for making the most of your fest.

Remember the buskers! One of the most fun features of True/False is the opens in a new windowlive music performing before each screening and in special showcases. If you can’t make a showcase, try to get at least one or two of your films early and soak in sounds from around the world.

Like to get your blood pumping in the morning? With a generous start time of 9:00 a.m., the opens in a new windowTrue Life Run winds through downtown Columbia with a few fun obstacles along the way. Best of all, the entry fees benefit the opens in a new windowTrue Life Fund Film. A great time for a great cause.

Have just a few minutes between films? Plenty of restaurants in the festival footprint understand your plight. Duck into spots like Kaldi’s Coffeehouse, Pickleman’s, Lakota, Coffee Zone and many others for a quick bite while you walk.

Many documentary films can have pretty heavy subject matter. May we suggest you add Gimme Truth to your schedule? The world’s greatest documentary game show returns with host Johnny St. John and an array of doc-world celebrities attempting to deduce if local videos are true or false. This Saturday night tradition is the perfect shot of levity for your fest.

Meet someone new. True/False attendees come from around the world to enjoy the fest every year. Strike up a conversation over coffee, in a Q line or on a shuttle. You never know who you’ll meet!