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Friday Favorites

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! Today’s favorites come from CVB Director, Amy Schneider:

10 Favorite things in Columbia? Come on, there are too many things to do in Columbia to narrow it down. The only thing I can say for certain is that my favorite things to do include my family. The items below include places we’ve enjoyed in times past, when my daughter was young enough to enjoy them, and places the teenager I have today still enjoys doing – even the ones she may be too old for! The best part about most of these items is that none of them will break the bank. I encourage you to get out and make your own top 10 family fun items.

Columbia Mall:

Columbia Mallopens IMAGE file

(Photo courtesy of the Columbia Mall)

The carousel, children’s play area, food court – need I say more? You can make a day of it by shopping at your favorite stores, and when a meltdown occurs you have the resources at hand to make everyone happy! Especially great on a cold, rainy day when you’ve exhausted all other efforts.

Rock Quarry Park:

Rock Quarry Playground (2)opens IMAGE file

(Photo courtesy of Columbia Parks and Recreation)

I think Columbia has many great parks, and I encourage you to visit all of them. With that being said, Rock Quarry Park is my personal favorite because it is near the home we lived in when my daughter was young. We could take the dog, walk her on the trail that circled the park, and then play on the playground. The giant climbing tires were always a big favorite! The best part about Rock Quarry? It’s a small park and you can keep an eye on multiple kids without worrying.

Going Bonkers:

Going Bonkers 3opens IMAGE file

Love this place! Where else can you say, “Go ahead, take off your shoes, run wild, climb on stuff, and if you need me just give a yell?” And there’s even a quiet room for parents! The cost is reasonable, and I can guarantee there will be some good sleep in your child’s future!

AMF Town & Country Lanes:

AMF Town & Countryopens IMAGE file

You can’t beat good old-fashioned bowling. Size 8 used shoes, burgers and beer (oops-soda!), gutter guard? Yes please! Don’t forget to call ahead to make sure leagues aren’t playing.

Forum 8 Movie Theater:

Forum 8opens IMAGE file

Summer time, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.: kids movies $1.00. You’ll really love these when it’s 100+ degrees outside.

The ARC (Activity and Recreation Center):

ARC from ARC fb page

(Photo from ARC Facebook page)

What a gem this is! 12 months out of the year the community has a place to swim and work-out, meeting rooms for organizations, play basketball, the list goes on. My favorite thing to do when Danielle was little, was to meet my friends (ahem, I mean her friends and their parents) during the Little Swimmers time – an hour devoted to little ones so they can play and explore.

Spraygrounds and Stephens Lake Park swimming beach:

Stephens Lake spraygroundsopens IMAGE file

Stephens Lake Park beach and spraygrounds (Photo courtesy of Columbia Parks and Recreation)

All outdoors and all free. Stephens Lake is home to a swimming beach and a sprayground. Flat Branch Park hosts a sprayground that I can see out of my office window. I love watching the family picnics at noon and will open my window just to hear the kids play. Corny? Yes, but it’s the truth.

The Mud Room:

Mud Room

(Photo courtesy of The Mud Room)

In our home, as well as family homes throughout the U.S., are items that have been made at places like the Mud Room. It’s a great place to create a gift with your child that means something. (Memories!) My mother-in-law still has a plate on the wall that Danielle made at least 7 years ago, and I remember making it with her like it was yesterday.

Empire Roller Rink:

Empire Roller Rinkopens IMAGE file

Roller-skating never goes out of style. You can choose in-line or the old-fashioned 4 wheel skates (my choice). Birthday parties, teen night, Saturday morning skating, disco music, roller limbo, the possibilities AND the fun are endless!

Tailgating in the fall:

Tailgatingopens IMAGE file

Amy poses here with daughter Danielle, Truman the Tiger, and husband Bill

Ever since I started dating my husband many, many years ago, we have had season tickets to Mizzou football games.  This always includes the coming together of family and friends before and after each home game. As we all started having kids the dynamics changed a bit, but it was just as fun.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, forever friends, washers, bean bags, footballs, Frisbees and lots of food!   My number 1 “family fun” activity!

Have a great weekend, and watch for next week’s Friday Favorites!