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Wine & Whiskers

FEBRUARY’S EVENT FALLS ON VALENTINE’S DAY — So we are combining events and doing our annual Valentine’s Date Night. We will offer a selection of cheeses and chocolate desserts. We’ll also have craft time, with everybody getting to build their own holiday-themed cat craft!

Wine and cheese with cats! What could be better? Join us for an evening of delicious food and drinks in a room of cuddly cats. We will also provide coloring pages of cats to help you really relax. Reservation includes 2 glasses of wine, a selection of cheeses, fruit and veggie tray, assorted baked goods, and coloring pages. Wine and cheese pairings will rotate each month to focus on a different country or region so you can come back for a new experience. Visit the “special events” tab of our website to learn the focus of each month’s wine and cheese pairing.