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When They Were Young Exhibit Opening

 The Boone County History & Culture Center is proud to announce the March 18 opening of its newest history exhibition titled, When They Were Young, which features the portraits and stories of more than 60 Boone County children.

It is likely patrons will recognize the names and stories of some individuals, such as Rosemary Lucas Ginn, who grew up to be a formidable leader locally, nationally and even abroad. Ginn was a scholar and a political leader and was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg in 1976.

Others like Henry Lewis Daniels are not as recognizable. He was born March 15, 1919 in Columbia. In the 1920 Census, Daniels was listed as 9/12—which meant he was nine months old. According to his World War II draft registration card, he worked as a butler at the Tiger Hotel.

“Despite some tragic stories and a few individuals who seem nearly untraceable, these portraits provide an optimistic view of the years and generations to come,” said Chris Campbell, BCHS executive director. “They also provide a window into the past—in the fashion, poses and items seen in the photos.”

The show was possible thanks to a collaboration between the Boone County History & Culture Center and the Genealogical Society of Boone County and Central Missouri (GSCM).

“We are very grateful for the help and expertise of the GSCM volunteers who scoured records to provide a more complete story of the lives of the children in these portraits,” Campbell said. “Many of the children grew up to contribute to the history of Boone County in really meaningful ways.”

The portraits were taken between 1916 and 1936 by Columbia photographers Henry Holborn and Wesley Blackmore. Those on display represent only a fraction of the massive BCHS collection totaling 500,000+ glass plate and plasticine negatives.

David Haberstitch, the photography curator of the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of American History, said the BCHS collection is, “undoubtedly one of the largest collections of a cumulative aggregation of community photography in the nation.”

Visit and enjoy When They Were Young in person and look for the online version at Or explore now and browse 7,000+ images that were the inspiration for this show.

The Boone County History & Culture Center is currently open to the public Thursday through Saturday, 12 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The first hour of each day reserved for those 60 and over and other high-risk individuals.

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