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Ragtag Outdoors @ Logboat: The Forty-Year Old Version

The Forty-Year Old Version

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Between a slipping sense of artistic relevancy and the unwelcome arrival of AARP mailers, forty-year-old Black playwright Radha is beginning to feel her age. Against better judgement, she dives back into her first passion — hip hop — as an outlet for years of frustration.
As a piece of personal cinema, the film is Radha Blank’s first, conceived at forty-four, and hailed as a revelation at Sundance. “Baring a vulnerability that is inspiring, deliciously funny, and dripping with honesty, this comedic gem represents what 40 really looks like — no less scared, but irresistible and authentic as f*@k.
  • Starring: Radha Blank, Peter Y. Kim
  • Year: 2020
  • Length: 129 min.
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

Regarding inclement weather: 

-We are not able to hold rain dates for Logboat screenings.
-If we need to cancel for weather, the call will be made by 4pm day-of and shared with ticketholders via email and posted online (web/socials).
-If we need to cancel in advance the no refund policy stands, but tickets can be transferred to another screening within 30 days of the cancelled event. Bring your confirmation to the cinema to redeem.