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Chairy Puppy Yoga

Come join Yoga Gives CoMo’s puppy yoga! Yes, yoga while puppies roam around and do puppy things. ALL proceeds are going to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue. The puppies at this event were saved recently and need a home!! They will also be available for adoption. More information on the puppies will be posted on the Facebook event.
Yoga will be for everyone. Gentle.
Tickets are $20 and go directly towards Unchained Melodies. You must buy a ticket to participate in the puppy yoga class. As of now, there is an option to buy at the door.

What to bring:

  • A great attitude
  • Yoga mat
  • gently used or new treats, chews, and food to donate, (not for during the yoga class).
  • Money for beer afterwards! (Must be 21 or older)

**Please do NOT bring your dog**

This event is at Bur Oak Brewery. Tap room opens at 12:00 and will stay open until 6PM. *You don’t need a ticket if you are just coming for the beer and not doing yoga.*

**IMPORTANT** These are puppies that have been rescued within the past couple weeks. They most likely will do puppy things while roaming around (please message if you are unsure). If you aren’t ok with this while doing yoga, please check out our next event. It is all for fun and for a great cause. You will not be able to take a dog home from this event BUT you can fill out papers for adoption.
See what Unchained Melodies does for Columbia MO