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Venture Out

Venture Out participants are engaged intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically in an uncertain environment where they may experience success, failure, adventure, and risk taking (sometimes all in one activity). The goal of Venture Out is to put your group through activities which require communication, teamwork, problem solving skills and leadership. Our activities are purposefully designed to be fun and challenging.

We strive to help your group emerge from the experience closer and more cohesive. To do this we not only put your group through challenging courses but we also use focused reflection after each activity. This is a time where we tie the activity your group just completed to real world experiences. We pose questions to the group and let them find these connections. Groups of all sizes and ages are welcome. We accept MU student groups, community groups, and business groups. Our groups have ranged from sixth graders to business executives and each course is custom tailored to your group.