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The Bouldering Garden

Some people are born to run; some are born ninjas, scrambling up and down walls like a Tokay gecko. Unleash your inner lizard warrior with this all American obstacle course challenge tonight, at the Bouldering Garden.


Indoor Climbing Classes
Join us inside the Bouldering Gym. Gym intro classes available daily.
Walk-in clients Mon – Thu 630pm – 730pm (ends by 9pm).
$49 Beginner Rock Climbing Techniques
$64 “Parents that Rock” beginner climbing class for 2, parent and child.
$25 “Teens that Rock” classes for beginners Mon – Thu 6pm – 8pm.
$120 Youth climbing class pass, 10 punch pass card for ages 17 and under.
$15 “Kids that Rock” is a one night pass for ages 11 and under.
Discounted children’s class price covers kids attending climbing class with two parents.
$15 Gym Intro (first time visit, easy access fun pass)