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Rocky Fork Lakes Conservation Area

This area is forest mixed with old fields, grassland, and savanna and is used for fishing, hunting, hiking, and more.

Rocky Fork Lakes Conservation Area is  seven miles north of Columbia on Highway 63 and a mile east on Peabody Road and is comprised of 2200 acres.  There are over 60 lakes or ponds of significant size, which have a total surface area of 116 acres. The largest lake is over 50 acres. In addition, there are over 30 smaller (less than one acre) pools, some of which hold water the entire year. A ramp has been installed for boating access to the large lake, and a fishing dock designed for wheelchair access is located on the big lakes north shore. The area’s firearms shooting range receives year-round use.  Two very old cemeteries exist on the property and the names on the headstones reflect past local history. There are Browns’ buried in one of the cemeteries that were connected with Brown’s Station a few miles away. Some of the stones date back to the middle 1830s. Activities allowed in the conservation area include fishing, hunting, hiking, bird watching, and trapping. Visit the website for information on hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations.