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Performing Arts in Children’s Education (PACE)

Performing Arts in Children’s Education, (PACE), a non-profit organization, develops performing arts in young people ages 4 – 18, and commits to educating youth on all aspects of theatre performance, management, and production.

We offer a program of educational and hands-on learning experiences such as classes, public performances, mentoring, and engaging in community outreach. We are solely interested in youth theater and its importance to the growth and betterment of the child. We are excited to be offering this to you and your kids and we hope you will be, too! For parent testimonials click here.

We train our students through a comprehensive and cohesive curriculum based on the American Alliance of Theater and Education’s goals and objectives. And our students NEVER compete with adults for roles in productions–on every production, in every circumstance, a PACE cast is comprised entirely of youth actors! In fact, most of the crew for each production is comprised of youth as well… In other words, this is “Kids in the ACT.”