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The Mud Room

A Paint-your-own Pottery studio and Hands-On Ceramics Studio.

The Mud Room Pottery Studio is Columbia’s Original Paint-your-own-pottery studio! We opened in 1998 by Cindy Watkins-Hansen, and she’s back with us NOW having a blast and making helping families make memories! You can walk-in to relax, experiment, and express yourself as you create a unique ceramic masterpiece! Choose from our pre-made, always changing selection of decorative and functional pottery pieces to paint or try your hand at creating your own ceramic piece from clay. We have over 80 low-fire colors and specialty glazes to choose from, including our own custom color “Mudd Room Mud”, many tools such as stencils, stamps, sponges, writer bottles, carbon paper, internet with printer, design books, and interesting texture tools along with countless finished examples for you to be inspired by or imitate.

Adult studio fee: $7 plus the cost of bisque
Child studio fee: $5 plus the cost of bisque
Painted pottery is left in studio, clear glazed, fired, and available to be picked up in approximately 4-7 days (7-10 days around holidays). Note: “bisque” is once-fired pottery that is ready to be painted.