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Red livestock barn
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  • Sheep peeking over the fence looking at the camera
  • Picnic tables in front of a large pond
  • Monarch butterfly sitting on pink and yellow flowers
  • Two brown mules outside of the red livestock barn

MU Jefferson Farm & Garden

Jefferson Farm and Garden is an educational farm with a lake, livestock barn, native butterfly house, native tree grove, wildflowers patches, and more. Schedule a tour or attend an event to learn more.

Jefferson Farm and Garden is a 67-acre educational farm designed to engage the community in experiences about food and agriculture. Jefferson Farm and Garden are committed to sharing the story of agriculture and demonstrating a vast array of Midwest farming, gardening and conservation practices. As an outdoor classroom, Jefferson Farm and Garden aims to reach learners of all ages by connecting people to the land and enriching the community through workshops, field trips and special events.

Visitors to Jefferson Farm and Garden will learn about common Missouri crops, pollinator habitats, flower and vegetable gardens, water and energy conservation initiatives, fruit tree management and experience hands-on interactions with livestock, and a display of over 100 different plants and trees grown in Missouri. Interactive activities will inspire and reinforce learning and a love for the outdoors.

Check the website for upcoming events.