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Lakota Coffee

Lakota Coffee Company opened in October of 1992.  We are located in Columbia, Missouri on Ninth Street just north of the University of Missouri on the main avenue into the campus of the Tigers.  There has always been a special energy about college towns, the constant flow of youth and their creative ideas to right the world, all gathered into the “Dream Catcher” that will ultimately propel everything forward in years to come.

Columbia, Missouri, home to the Missouri Tigers, is fueled in part by Lakota Coffee Company.  It is a very special place to connect with friends over coffee or tea or through the high-speed Internet connections.  The 1920′s original brick walls, hard wood plank floors, and hand crafted Old Hickory chairs, bar stools, and rockers, create a rustic western atmosphere to lure friends, converse, study and relax, amid the tempting aroma of fresh roasted coffee.

Lakota’s owner, Skip DuCharme, became enamored with the coffee business when his brother took him to a roastery in Austin, TX. He saw that coffees came from all over the world and began sampling them regularly. He was hooked! This led to a passion for coffee that effectively removed him from corporate life and sent him on a yearlong journey to visit many coffee shops around the country.  From what he discovered, he created Lakota Coffee, founded on fresh roasted coffee, and inspired by the Seven Sacred Campfires, known as the Western or Teton Sioux, Lakota – meaning “friendly people”.  Lakota Coffee and the Sioux have always shared a love for great coffee and it’s with that in mind that every cup is served.

Freshness is paramount! We hand roast small batches of our coffee beans every day to give you the freshest, most flavorful taste possible. This is the only way to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to quality. Whether you are ordering coffee and tea online, or standing here in the store ordering one of our ever-popular coffee shakes (coffee ice cream & espresso blended together), we are committed to providing you with the best customer service and quality coffee that money can buy.