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Forum 8 Theater

At Forum 8 we are committed to providing our guests with a great movie and entertainment experience with friendly service in comfortable and clean surroundings.  Featuring stadium seating and 8 screens with all digital projection and all lounger seats.   Full motion D-BOX seating available for select features. We offer free drink refills on all sizes and 50¢ popcorn refills on all popcorn sizes.

Starting in 1930 with just a single screen in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, Goodrich Quality Theaters has innovated, changed and grown with the industry to include 30 theaters with 279 screens in cities throughout Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. From the cashier selling you a ticket to the president of the company, we are committed to state of the cinematic art surroundings, all digital presentation and friendly moviegoer customer service. All of our theaters are equipped with 3D Cinema and we have four IMAX theaters.