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fall foliage along bluffs by the Missouri River
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  • scenic overlook at the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area
  • birdwatching on a pool at eagle bluffs conservation area
  • Eagle Bluffs 'pool 11' sign

Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area

4,431 acre conservation area near the Missouri River – great for birdwatching, fishing, hiking, and hunting. You can also find a portion of the Katy Trail and a scenic overlook.

This area, which borders Katy Trail State Park, contains cropland, forest, wetlands, and smaller tracts of savanna and glades. Facilities/features: viewing blind, waterfowl blind, and two permanent streams (Missouri River, Perche Creek).

The area’s 17 wetland pools allow the flooding of 1,100 acres of moist soil marshes, emergent marshes, and crop fields. These marshes provide year-round habitat for migrating and wintering birds and permanent wildlife and excellent wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities.

In the fall, the area’s beauty is enhanced by colorful foliage along the bordering limestone bluffs.

The KATY Trail State Park passes through a portion of the area and adds to the public’s use and enjoyment of Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area. The parking lot located on Warren School Road provides walking access to the area’s scenic overlook.

DIRECTIONS: From Columbia, take Providence Road (Route K) south past the village of McBaine. Continue across Perche Creek and turn left on Star School Road.