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Andrea JiraHello! My name is Andrea and I am a sales manager for the Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau. I am an avid traveler, and I love the experience of meeting new people, experiencing new unexpected environments, the FOOD, the art, music and just soaking it all up.

Each month I am going to introduce you, our visitor, to all things Columbia, especially our fabulous arts community. Along the way we will explore some of our fabulous locally- owned restaurants or one of our many music venues or fabulous festivals. I hope you enjoy this city as much as I do, and of course, we would love to have you back many times to take advantage

Columbia Culinary Tours
Whether you’re our guest for the weekend, new to town, or a life-long resident, if you haven’t tried Columbia Culinary Tours then you’re missing out!


So what is a culinary tour? Well I’d say it’s part-dining experience, part-socializing, and part-education. Regardless of how you describe it, it’s a great time and a fun way to sample some of Columbia’s food offerings.  You’ll get to sample five to seven restaurants and specialty food stores, and you can also meet the owners and managers of each location.

Table with food and drinks.
My first tour was the Brunch Tour – a stroll through the district, sampling a variety of tasty breakfastoptions and coffees while learning a bit about Columbia’s history.  I walked away with a greater knowledge of Columbia and was happily satisfied from the tasty treats.

My second tour was the Flavors Tour, which was a fun tour spent with the accompaniment of good friends. We sampled several restaurants, oils and vinegars from opens in a new windowBoone Olive Oil Company, and tasty cocktails while exploring the streets and alleys of our fine city.

Cocktails at a restaurant.

Have I captured your interest yet? There are opens in a new windowfive tours to choose from: the Brunch Tour, the Flavors Tour, the Night on the Town Tour, the Night on the Town Tour with wine pairings, and last but not least, the Craft Beer and Food Pairing Tour.  These tours are perfect for conference attendees, team-building experiences with co-workers, a group of friends, out of town guests or just for something new to do.

We hope you enjoy the experience and make it a part of your Columbia go-to activities. Have fun!

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