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Because we know that’s what you’re doing when you visit Columbia, right? Check out our list of ‘must-Instagram’ places in CoMo:

1. The Columns


Duh, right? Mizzou’s iconic Columns are the 2nd most photographed spot in Missouri – so obviously it’s a can’t-miss for any Instagrammer visiting CoMo.

2. City Hall

City Hall Key

City Hall is a beautiful building but to make it even more Instagrammable (I made it up, just go with it), there’s this unique Keys to the City sculpture in front commemorating Columbia’s history.

3. CoMo trails

MKT Trail

We have 50+ miles of trails, and the MKT (pictured) was recently voted the 2nd best urban trail in the nation. Lucky for us we also have a great Parks and Recreation department to keep the trails in good shape and looking beautiful.

4. Festivals

Roots N Blues

While not exactly a ‘place,’ Columbia is home to many exciting festivals like Roots N Blues N BBQ (pictured), True/False Film Fest, and more. This year at Roots N Blues you could snap photos of artists like Brandi Carlile, Buddy Guy, Dwight Yoakam, and Punch Brothers.

5. Stephens Lake Park

Stephens Lake Park 2

Sunsets in Stephens Lake Park are a must-see. I really don’t have more of an explanation than that.

6. Memorial Union

Memorial Union

The tower of Memorial Union was completed in 1926 as a tribute to students who lost their lives in World War I. One of Mizzou’s many traditions involves always tipping your hat and whispering when walking underneath the tower to honor the fallen soldiers. The tower is popular on Instagram because of the gorgeous architecture (and it reminds Harry Potter fans of Hogwarts, so there’s that, too).

7. Columbia from above

como skyline

From parking garages, The Roof, hot air balloons… you name it, photos of Columbia from above are another ‘must-have’ for Instagram.

8. Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

Rock Bridge

Rock Bridge is kind of like our hidden secret: not many visitors know about the caves, natural rock bridge, sinkholes, and everything else that can be found in the park. There are eight major trails for you to explore – but definitely check out the plank trail that takes you to Connor’s Cave (Devil’s Ice Box is currently closed to protect the bats) and by the rock bridge for great photo opportunities.

9. Shakespeare’s Pizza


This one could be swapped out for any popular Columbia dish – Nachos from Addison’s, ice cream from Sparky’s, Harold’s Doughnuts, etc. We have so many delicious restaurants – foodies (and Instagrammers) rejoice! The downtown Shakespeare’s Pizza may have moved locations for now but I guarantee the pizza looks and tastes just as scrumptious as it always has.

10. Downtown art

Traffic Box Art

The District has so much random art – traffic box art, wall murals, storm drain paintings, sculptures, and more. Pictured is the traffic box at 8th and Broadway – you can get a photo of this and City Hall from the same spot.

What do you think? Did we include everything or did we miss something? Happy Instagramming!