Tamir Hendelman Trio

When:11/12/2017 (7:00 pm - 10:00 pm)
Where: Stotler Lounge 518 Hitt Street, Columbia, MO
Contact: Josh
Phone: 573-449-3009
Website: http://www.wealwaysswing.org/season/2017-2018/

We’re pleased to have the opportunity to present pianist Tamir Hendelman, who makes his first Jazz Series appearance. A mainstay within drummer Jeff Hamilton’s Trio, Hendelman also serves as Barbra Streisand’s musical director. These two high-profile gigs give him more than enough credentials playing in a supporting role, however it’s his work as a leader that allows him to shine most brightly.
Stylistically, we’re talking “in the pocket” – shades of Oscar Peterson, shades of Peterson’s mentor, Benny Green.