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Sideline Jokes Comedy Competition

Sideline Jokes Comedy Competition is Friday, August 2nd, with Caleb Wright and Kovoski George as hosts. This is a stand up comedy contest featuring 10 comedians/comediennes from all over the state of Missouri. If you want to participate, please follow the instructions on the flyer. The rules and details of the competition are listed below. The entrance fee is $5, and must be 21 years of age or older to attend this show. Food and alcoholic beverages are served at this venue. Come out and enjoy yourself. Doors open at 7pm. The address is 701 Big Bear Blvd Columbia, MO 65202. See you there!


  1. All contestants must be present at the venue no later than 7:30pm.
  2. No visible written or typed material on stage while performing. This includes notebooks, notepads, cards, cellphones, and all other forms of visual aid.
  3. All contestants must perform a minimum of 4 minutes of original material, but not exceed 5 minutes.
  4. Automatic disqualification if the contestant fails to meet the 4 minute minimum and exceeds their 5 minute set time.
  5. A warning light will flash once at the 4 minute mark to signal to the performer to end their set.
  6. You can not use the same set for different rounds!


Contestants will be selected randomly to perform in either round 1 or round 2. Contestants will be informed which round they will perform as well as the lineup after roll call. Roll call is 7:35pm.

There will be 5 comedians/comediennes in both rounds. The winner of round 1 and of round 2 will be automatically placed into round 3 to compete for the $100 prize.