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Meet the Author: Dr. Joel P. Rhodes

When:12/16/2017 (10:30 am)
Where: Boone County History & Culture Center, Ponderosa Street, Columbia, MO
Contact: Boone County History & Culture Center
Phone: 573-443-8936
Website: http://www.boonehistory.org

Author of Growing up in a Land Called Honalee: The Sixties in the Lives of American Children

The Southeast Missouri University professor examines how the multiple social, cultural, and political changes between John Kennedy’s inauguration in 1961 and the end of American involvement in Vietnam in 1973 manifested themselves in the lives of pre-adolescent American children.

Doors open at 9:30 AM, SMALLTalk presentations featuring local teen writers begin at 10:30 AM with professional authors beginning at 10:40 AM

Book signings and sales at 11:30 AM

Also available: fresh brewed coffee and Harold’s Doughnuts