When:12/31/2015 (7:00 pm)
Where: The Blue Note, North 9th Street, Columbia, MO
Contact: The Blue Note

Last year’s DECADANCE New Years party was quite possibly the most epic dance party the Blue Note has ever seen.  Due to popular demand, we’re bringing DECADANCE back for a 2nd year!   We sold out in advance last year, so make sure to snag your tickets early!  So, what is DECADANCE, you ask??…

New Years is an opportunity to celebrate the passing of time and the promise of the future. In that spirit, we bring you DECADANCE:  a party celebrating 100 years of dance music, and the promise of music still to come…

Two of Columbia’s most recognized DJs, Requiem and Jen Ha, will take you on a journey from the early sounds of hot jazz and swing all the way through the decades to today’s freshest dance anthems….and they’ll do it in chronological order, all set to incredible video footage from each musical era on our massive movie screen. You’ll dance to everything from Louis Armstrong to Elvis and the Beatles to Sam Cooke to the Temptations and James Brown to the Bee Gees to Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Jay-Z, LMFAO, Biggie, Lady Gaga, OutKast, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and soooo much more. 

We present to you our schedule of musical mayhem…

7:00PM–>      1900s-1920s

7:30–>                 1930s-1950s

8:30–>              1960s

9:30–>              1970s

10:30–>              1980s & 1990s

11:30–>              2000s & 2010s

Get ready to ring in the New Year like never before, Columbia.  This is DECADANCE.

Other Information:

DRESS CODE:  There is no dress code.  Just come ready to dance and party.  Get fancy if you want.  Wear blue jeans if you want.

COAT CHECK:  Yes, we will have a coat check (limited capacity, arrive early).