Being Bussabarger: An Inside Look at One WWII Veteran’s Experience

When:11/11/2017 (1:30 pm)
Where: The State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Contact: The State Historical Society of Missouri

Join SHSMO’s Joan Stack for a curator’s walk-through of the exhibition Being Bussabarger: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Sketchbooks, and More, which pays tribute to painter, sculptor, and ceramicist Robert Bussabarger’s creative spirit with a retrospective selection of his artworks from the 1940s to the 2010s. In honor of Veterans Day, attendees will also have a one-day-only opportunity to view additional artwork that Bussabarger created while serving in the military during World War II. The show will run through May 5, 2018 in the main gallery of the Columbia Research Center.