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Sarah Dresser from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs offers a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town.

Sager Braudis Gallery
The 2015 Late Summer Exhibit is on display at the Sager Braudis Gallery (formerly known as PS Gallery) in the North Village Arts District through September 26. Featuring artwork by Luca Cruzat, Amy Meyer, Nora Othic, Joe Pintz, and Joel Sager. Opening reception is August 7, 6-9pm, during First Fridays in the North Village Arts District.

SB Gallery Aug. 2015

Columbia Art League
CAL Members’ Summer Open on display through August 19 at Columbia Art League.

CAL Aug. 2015

The Interpretations III exhibit opens August 22, with a reception the same day from 6-8pm. A marriage of 40 visual artists and 40 literary artists, each submitting one work of his/her own choice with any theme. Then, an art swap: Each visual artist receives a work from one of the writers; each literary artist receives an artwork. The task for each artist and writer: to create a second work of art or piece of writing, which is his or her interpretation of the other artist’s work. The result: A show of 80 artworks and 80 pieces of writing. The aim of the show: A reminder that we all see the world differently; our interpretations of the world around us are uniquely ours. How will each artist interpret the other artist’s work? How will the viewer interpret the written words and artworks in the show? This will be the third year of this extraordinary show. The previous two years’ entries can be seen in the Interpretations and Interpretations II books, available to view or purchase at the Columbia Art League.

Montminy Art Gallery
The City of Columbia Career Awareness Related Experience (C.A.R.E.) Gallery Program is hosting its annual end-of-summer show to display the artwork that these talented young artists have been creating all summer. The exhibit is on display at Boone County Historical Society’s Montminy Art Gallery through August 28. Artwork includes woodblock prints, ceramic sculpture, photography, mixed media pieces, textiles, and more!

Montminy August 2015

The C.A.R.E. program, which began in 1982, is a comprehensive program for Columbia’s at-risk youth that includes: paid real-world hands-on experience, career exploration, mentoring, and life skills training.

Also around town…

  • Craft Studio: Hometown: Personal Cartographies, artworks made by the City of Columbia C.A.R.E. Gallery Program artists-in-residence on display through August 14. Reception August 7, 4-6pm.
  • First Fridays in the North Village Arts District on August 7, 6-9pm.
  • Matt Moyer Exhibit on display at Orr Street Studios through August 30.
  • State Historical Society: Audubon’s Paper Menageries on display through November 28. Curator’s walk-through on August 29 at 1:30pm.

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Sarah Dresser from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs offers a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town.

Columbia Palette Group has an exhibit at Columbia College’s Sidney Larson Gallery, on display through July 9. Featuring work by Colette Brumbaugh, Richard Dutton, Kerry Hirth, Linda Hoffman, Kaj Lofgreen, Eva Robb, Mike Seat, Mariel Stephenson, and Jerry Thompson.

ColumbiaPaletteGroup (June July 2015)














(Artwork by Jerry Thompson)

Sager Braudis Gallery

The 2015 Summer Exhibit is on display at the Sager Braudis Gallery (formerly known as PS:Gallery) in the North Village Arts District through August 1. Featuring artwork by Dana Brown, Ken Nichols, Joel Sager, Tom Pfannerstill, and Kristen Martincic.

Kristen-Martincic (Sager Braudis)




















(Kristen Martincic)

Tide (Sager Braudis)













(Tom Pfannerstill)

Columbia Art League
Feast on display through June 19 at Columbia Art League. The CAL Members’ Summer Show opens June 23, reception June 27, 6-8pm. There is no theme for this unjuried show, which is only open to current CAL members. Artists are invited to submit one 2D or 3D work.

CAL summer









State Historical Society

New exhibit titled, Audubon’s Paper Menageries: Birds and Quadrupeds, opens June 20 at the State Historical Society. John James Audubon (1785–1851) traversed North America studying and painting the nation’s birds and animals. Working with printmakers, he translated these experiences into spectacular hand-colored engravings and lithographs depicting American wildlife. The exhibit features selected original prints from Audubon’s gigantic books, The Birds of America (1827–1838) and The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America (1845–1848). Viewers will see bison, bears, hawks, and bluebirds. Perhaps the most poignant image is the life-sized, hand-colored engraving of a pair of passenger pigeons, members of a species that became extinct in 1914.

Audubon SHS














Also around town…

  • Craft Studio: East-West Dialogues II through June 19.
  • CPS Art Teachers Exhibition on display at Orr Street Studios through June.
  • Halation with artwork by Marcus Miers at Imago Gallery & Cultural Center through July 3.
  • Montminy Art Gallery: Final Approach: The Photographic Art of Oliver Schuchard is currently on display through July 19 at the Boone County Historical Society.
  • First Fridays in the North Village Arts District on July 3, 6-9pm

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Sarah Dresser from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs offers a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town.


Stephens College Historic Costume Gallery

Costume Gallery (may 2015)

The latest exhibit at the Historic Costume Gallery, “The Day. The Dress. The Dream.” features bridal gowns and wedding attire from three centuries. Highlights of the exhibit include a dress worn at Grace Kelly’s wedding, an exquisite Vera Wang dress on loan and a 1949 design by Ceil Chapman, a celebrity stylist during Hollywood’s Golden Era. Also on display will be custom designs by Stephens alumnae; multi-generational dresses worn by grandmothers, mothers and daughters; and other wedding attire such as mother-of-the-bride dresses and grooms’ formal attire. On display through May 10.

Montminy Art Gallery

Final Approach: The Photographic Art of Oliver Schuchard is currently on display through July 19 at the Montminy Art Galley at Boone County Historical Society. Oliver Schuchard is professor emeritus of photography at the University of Missouri. He was a member of the art faculty for thirty years and was chair of the Department of Art for seven years.  In 1992 he was the recipient of a Kemper Award for Teaching Excellence and in 2007 a Curators Award for Scholarly Excellence. Schuchard’s photographs have appeared in nearly 200 exhibitions and in nearly 20 countries. His book, The Landscape in Black and White: Oliver Schuchard Photographs 1967-2005, was chosen as the most outstanding book published by the University of Missouri Press by an MU faculty member in 2005.





Other exhibits around town:

  • Platforms: The Senior Show on display through May 15 at MU’s Bingham Gallery. Closing reception on May 15, 6-8pm.
  • At Columbia College’s Greg Hartwick Gallery, see Northerlandish Menagerie by Don Krumpos & Johanna Winters through May 16.
  • Painting Intuitively featuring works by Hannah Ingmire is on display at Imago Gallery & Cultural Center through May 29.
  • The Spring Exhibit is now open at PS Gallery. On display through May 30, the exhibit features works by Andy Fletcher, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Katie Musolff, Cody McLouth, and Joel Sager.
  • CPS Art Teachers Exhibition on display at Orr Street Studios through June.
  • Feast is on at Columbia Art League through June 19.

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Thanks to Sarah Dresser, from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, who will be offering a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town.

Artrageous Weekend
The Artrageous Weekend 2015 season kicks off April 10-12 with the introduction of its biannual event structure. The weekend begins on Friday with the traditional self-guided gallery crawl throughout The District from 6-9pm. On Saturday, enjoy a variety of interactive and educational activities and demonstrations. Live performances and restaurant collaborations conclude the weekend on Sunday with musical or artistic brunches.

Imago Gallery

Imago (April 2015)

Pictorial, Plastic: Ballou, Fletcher, Wiggs is on display at Imago Gallery & Cultural Center through April 24. Stop by the gallery during Artrageous Weekend on Friday, April 10 for Creativity Speaks, featured artist Jennifer Wiggs will be giving a brief talk at 7pm titled, “How We Create.”

Columbia Art League

CAL artwork by Emily Phaup (April 2015)

Artwork by Emily Phaup

Feast opens April 21 at Columbia Art League. Opening reception is Saturday, April 25, 6-8pm. A sumptuous indulgence, Feast, speaks to our undeniable love of food – the comfort it offers, the sensuality and passion it evokes, and the obsessions it can burden us with. The idea of the feast – an orgy of taste, texture, aroma and color, conjures up images of medieval banquets, cornucopia laden tables, goblets a-slosh with wine, limitless excess and extravagance. Feast invites artists to play with their food, to create for the viewer a delectable escape or even to remind us of the brashness of such opulence in world where many still hunger.

PS Gallery

PS Gallery artwork by Katie Musolff (April 2015)

Artwork by Katie Musolff

The Spring Exhibit is now open at PS Gallery. On display through May 30, the exhibit features works by Andy Fletcher, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Katie Musolff, Cody McLouth, and Joel Sager.

As the end of the semester draws near, don’t miss exhibits happening on our three campuses…

  • On display through May 10 at the Historic Costume Gallery at Stephens College is The Day. The Dress. The Dream., featuring bridal gowns and wedding attire from three centuries. Highlights include a dress worn at Grace Kelly’s wedding; a Vera Wang dress and a 1949 design by Ceil Chapman. Also on display will be custom designs by Stephens alumnae; multi-generational dresses worn by grandmothers, mothers and daughters; and other wedding attire such as mother-of-the-bride dresses and grooms’ attire.
  • Reverie on display through April 16 at MU’s Bingham Gallery. Closing reception on April 16
  • At Columbia College’s Greg Hartwick Gallery, see upcoming exhibits Letterpress, works by area typesetters, April 6-22 and works by Don Krumpos & Johanna Winters, April 27-May 16.

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Thanks to Sarah Dresser, from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, who will be offering a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town.

Craft Studio

Women in the Arts

(Street Minstrel by Deby Gilley)

The 22nd annual Women in the Arts Gallery Show highlights talented women artists, on display through March 20. In conjunction with Women’s History Month at the University of Missouri, the Craft Studio Gallery presents this exhibit as a tribute to women – past, present, and future whose artistic creations are often overlooked and forgotten. Stop by the opening reception on March 12, 4-6pm.

Columbia Art League

CAL remix

Everything is a Remix is currently on display through April 17 at Columbia Art League.)

An unconfirmed rumor, perpetuated by Steve Jobs, claims that Pablo Picasso once said, “good artists copy; great artists steal.” In contemporary art we know it as appropriation; to adopt, borrow, recycle, or sample from the anthology of visual culture. Though many artists push the boundaries of creative and intellectual property, we are compelled to wonder, is pure originality an impossible cause? And if so, in derivative is there not also homage? As film-maker, Kirby Ferguson, explores in ‘Everything is a Remix’, all evolution is based on three things: copy, transform, and combine. In this show artists are invited to remix their own artistic influences, be it that of another artist, a writer, musician, film-maker, or a specific piece of their work, and offer up an homage to the creativity they have inspired.

Orr Street Studios

Amy Meyer
(Amy Meyer)

Orr Street Studios presents a new exhibit by local artist Amy Meyer, on display March 5-April 25. Opening reception during First Fridays in the North Village Arts District, March 6, 6-9pm.

In the artist’s words…

“My foray into the world of working with only color, texture and composition was not intentional. It developed over time. Having primarily been a representational artist, I find it challenging to explain a certain piece from this body of work. There really is no correct explanation. As I work, the painting evolves over time, beginning with no real plan, but primarily the intrigue of working with color and texture. Composition comes as the work progresses, layer by layer, which can be days or months from the time it began. My goal, if I were to have one, would be to create work that stands on its own, intriguing the viewer with the complex yet simple marriage of color, composition, and texture.” – Amy Meyer

Bingham Gallery

Stop by the Bingham Gallery on MU’s campus for two MFA Thesis Exhibitions this month. Vivarium, an exhibit by Laura Tyler is up through March 13. Closing reception is March 13, 5-7pm with a gallery talk from 4:30-5pm. Matrices Metamorphosis by Tamryn McDermott is on display March 16-April 2.

Also around town…

In case you missed it in February, these exhibits are up through March and the beginning of April:

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Thanks to Sarah Dresser, from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, who will be offering a monthly snapshot of what gallery exhibits to check out around town!

Columbia Art League

Night and Day gallery

(Night and Day, John Fennell)

First of all, congrats to Columbia Art League for being honored this month with the 2015 Missouri Arts Award in the Arts Organization category. Night and Day is currently on display through February 20 at CAL.

From the chiaroscuro of 17th century Dutch Renaissance masters to contemporary landscape, still life, and abstract, the visual power of light and dark, has been much studied and masterfully rendered. Light and dark are inextricably linked. Neither has meaning or context without the other and this consummate duality is embedded deeply in the subconscious mind. Perpetually manifested in our culture as the ultimate tension between opposites, Night and Day is the great battle between good and evil, joy and sorrow, feast and famine, and the ongoing quest for balance in the yin and the yang.

The Columbia Art League’s next exhibit, Everything is a Remix, opens February 24. Opening reception is February 28, 6-8 PM.

Orr Street Studios

Brad Mahieu

(Brian Mahieu)

Orr Street Studios features an exhibit by Brian Mahieu, on display through February 28. Mahieu has been a plein air landscape painter since 1987. That year, he traveled to Paris, France and lived in the Latin Quarter for one month. Seeing the Impressionist masterpieces, Monet’s gardens at Giverny and the French countryside, which reminded him of Missouri, created the impetus to paint en plein air exclusively. The primary motif of his work has been the Missouri River Valley at dusk with an emphasis on capturing the mood and atmosphere of the landscape.

PS Gallery

Late Winter Exhibit (Laura Lloyd)

(Late Winter Exhibit, Laura Lloyd)

PS Gallery’s Late Winter Exhibit is now on display with an opening reception tonight, February 6, 6-9pm! The exhibit features expressive oil paintings with incredible perspective by Ahzad Bogosian (St Louis, Missouri), needle work by Stephanie Clark (Salt Lake City, Utah), the return of Laura Lloyd’s beloved ceramic sculptures (St Louis, Missouri), and a variety of pieces created with gouache and watercolor on paper by Joel Sager (Columbia, Missouri). The exhibit will run through March 28.

PS Gallery is also collaborating with Access Arts and the MU Thompson Center for the Art for Autism exhibition, on display through March 17 in the Hallery. Art for Autism is a unique program that provides kids with autism or other developmental challenges with an opportunity to learn from area artists, create their own artwork, and support the work of the Thompson Center. Access Arts provides space and equipment for the programs. All of the student works in the exhibit are for sale with proceeds benefiting the Thompson Center.

Columbia College

Paper in Particular

Opening February 23, Paper In Particular is an annual, juried exhibition held by the Columbia College art galleries. The exhibition showcases the very best in art that incorporates paper as a primary element. Prints, drawings, photographs, digital images, paintings, sculpture, etc., are all eligible. Reception is February 27, 7-9 PM. 

“The national, juried exhibit has a simple through line — works must be on or of paper, as longtime Professor Ben Cameron put it. The medium itself is simple, its potential nearly limitless. It is that very sense of possibility and accessibility, the knowledge that paper is ‘always with us,’ that appeals to artists with very different ways of working and making meaning, department Chair Mike Sleadd said.” – Columbia Daily Tribune, February 16, 2014

Other openings and exhibits around town:

  • James J. Froese – 37 Days Until Spring opens Feb. 12 at the Boone County Historical Society’s Montminy Gallery
  • Craft Studio and Bingham Gallery, both on University of Missouri’s campus, have frequently rotating exhibits.

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Friday Favorites

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Today’s favorites come from Sarah Dresser, Program Specialist for the Office of Cultural Affairs. Everyone have a great weekend!

Place for a coffee break, low key lunch, pre-movie snack, or late night drink:
Uprise Bakery


You’ve probably guessed that I frequent Uprise Bakery quite a bit. Possibly 3 or 4 times in one day! The good thing is that the atmosphere is always welcoming to my recurring visits. There is a wide array of unique soups and sandwiches as well as a great selection of craft brews. Plus you can take food and drinks with you into the neighboring Ragtag Cinema or enjoy on the patio if the weather is nice. Another perk is the staff’s great taste in music.

Outdoor happy hour:
Mojo’s Forrest Rose Park


When the weather starts to warm up again in the spring, one of the first places on my list to go is Forrest Rose Park at Mojo’s for Friday afternoon happy hour. It is the perfect place to start the weekend and enjoy free live music on the patio or at a picnic table in the grass.

Event to make new friends:
True/False Film Fest


The light at the end tunnel each winter is True/False Film Fest. Between the documentary films, parties, parades, and busker musical showcases, you are bound to connect with some new people. Some of my best CoMo friendships were forged at True/False!

Place to see the unexpected:
Roots N Blues N BBQ

Roots N Blues

I expect to see and hear great music at this festival. However, did I expect to see a roaming, glowing, larger-than-life winged caterpillar float overhead during the Avett Brothers concert? The answer is no. There are artsy surprises around every corner at this music festival in Stephens Lake Park. Hanging in the trees, wandering through the crowds, wherever you look there are art installations to intrigue and amazing you.

Runner up in this category: True/False’s March March

True False parade1 2014 Photos-3 -Elise

 (Photo courtesy of Missouri Division of Tourism)

Ride to Rocheport:
Boone Dawdle

Boone Dawdle

My favorite way to ride to Rocheport is to dawdle – that is to Boone Dawdle. This annual event (also a fundraiser for True/False) is the perfect combination of all of my favorite things – fun with friends biking on the Katy Trail, live music along the way, trailside surprises, documentary film, great food, spectacular views of the Missouri River, and more!

Place to re-balance:
alleyCat Yoga


(Photo from Facebook)

At least once a week, I need to take an hour or two to step away from all the hustle and bustle of Columbia and focus inward. alleyCat Yoga is my favorite place to quiet the mind as well as practice my favorite yoga poses. I’ve enjoyed many different classes, which are offered in a range of styles for students of all ages and all levels of experience.

Food truck:
Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co.

ozark biscuit

(Photo from Facebook)

I love that Columbia has embraced the food truck culture! Throughout the week, I will track on social media where to locate the trucks. My favorite has to be the biscuit truck. I enjoy the Souie Pig, smoked pulled pork piled on a biscuit and drenched in tangy arkan-sauce topped with vinegar cabbage slaw. Yum!

Theatre experience:
GreenHouse Theatre Project


(Photo from Facebook)

A theatre experience like no other in Columbia! GreenHouse Theatre Project’s motto is “innovative theatre in unexpected places.” You will see classical, new works, and experimental theatre productions at a variety of venues (think: art galleries, yoga studios, and even rooftops).

Place to mingle:
PS Gallery


(Photo credit Chelsea Myers)

I’m always looking for an excuse to dress up and mingle with downtown. Even better in the presence of new and thought-provoking art. PS Gallery is the perfect location to mingle, with bi-monthly rotating exhibits that feature local, regional, and national artists. Opening receptions feature tasty bites from local eateries as well as the opportunity to chat with the exhibiting artists, see your friends and make new ones.

Cool thing to tell people about Columbia:
Public Art

29 Look Out Point (1)

“Look Out Point” by Carol Fleming

Columbia has an unbelievable collection of public art! Look around and you will see art along the street, on parking garages, outside city hall, in front of the library, on traffic signal boxes, and the list goes on. One of the best aspects of my job with the Office of Cultural Affairs is to spread the awareness of the diversity of public art in the city. OCA has a hard copy and online Public Art Guide, and a new mobile app for iPhone was just launched with Otocast. Take a self-guided tour with one of the guides and learn more about Columbia’s rich cultural landscape!

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Friday Favorites

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It’s Friday! Today’s favorites come from Beth Mead, CVB Sales and Marketing Manager. Her list is all about her “summer in Columbia” favorites:

Patio Dining:


(Photo of Bleu’s patio)

Columbia has amazing restaurants with great food. That is good news for us COMO diners year round. In the summer, we have great food on great patios. Even better! Some of my favorite patio- dining spots are Bleu, Sophia’s, Flat Branch, Les Bourgeois and Las Margaritas. So many patios, so little summer….

Kids Playing Outside:

Flat Branch sprayground

(Photo of Flat Branch Spraygrounds)

It’s a beautiful summer day and I’m stuck inside working at my desk. You know what makes that all better? Opening my window and working to the sounds of happy children playing in the spray grounds at Flat Branch Park. Suddenly, I am transported back to my childhood, running through a sprinkler in my front yard.

Ice Cream:


(Photo of Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream)

What is summer without ice cream? Of course, you can always make ice cream if you have enough time. Why bother, though? Columbia has more than enough ice cream spots to keep you going all summer long. My family’s favorites are Sparky’s, Randy’s, Andy’s, yogoluv and Buck’s Ice Cream at Mizzou.

Less People:

Hinkson Creek Trail

(Photo of bicycle rider on Hinkson Creek Trail)

This may sound odd for someone who spends their time encouraging people to visit Columbia, but I do love summer in Columbia. It’s quiet and peaceful; it takes less time to go from place to place. There are shorter lines everywhere-at the theater, the ice cream stand, your favorite coffee shop. Even the trails are less crowded.

The Arts Keep Going:

Art in the Park 2011 photo courtesy Art in the Park

(Photo of art at Art in the Park)

There may be fewer people in Columbia in the summer, but the Columbia arts scene doesn’t take a vacation. Summer kicks off with Art in the Park followed by the Blind Boone Festival, not to mention great stage productions at Maplewood Barn Theater, Summer Repertory Theater at Mizzou and Columbia Entertainment Company.

Flowers Everywhere:

Flat Branch Park flowers

(Flowers in front of Flat Branch Park sign)

The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department does a fantastic job of creating beautiful garden spots in our public spaces. Whether you are walking or driving downtown, you can’t help but notice the bright plantings all over downtown. Also, next time you are taking your kids to the pool, or hurrying in to a tee-ball game, look around you. You are walking past colorful displays at the entrances to these places. Even if you don’t have time to stop and smell the flowers, you can enjoy them as you drive by: at the roundabout, the stoplight and the “Adopt a Spot” median plantings all over town.

Farmers Markets:

Columbia Farmers Market

(Photo of Columbia Farmers Market)

I love getting up early and going to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. I especially love the Farmers Market in the summer when there is so much variety with all the tasty summer fruits and vegetables. It gets my Saturday off to a great and healthy start and I am much more productive on those Saturdays. But…here’s a little secret: sometimes, I like to stay up LATE on Friday night and then I don’t love getting up early on Saturday. No problem. Columbia has a Sunday Farmers Market too. It’s open from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, so I can play late on Friday and not miss out on my tasty summer market finds.

The Library:

Columbia Public Library

(Photo of Columbia Public Library)

I know that going to the library isn’t just a summer activity. The library is open all year. But there’s something special about visiting the library in the summer. I see all the kids checking out reading books with their parents and it reminds me of the time I spent browsing through my hometown library’s bookshelves with my mom and going to the morning “story time” once a week. Is there a better place to read a good book than outside on a sunny summer day?

Summer Welcome:

Mizzou Cornell

(Trulaske College of Business – University of Missouri. Photo courtesy of Missouri Division of Tourism)

Okay, I know that I said I liked less people in Columbia in the summer. That’s true, but there’s just something about watching families visit Columbia in preparation for the upcoming school year. At the CVB, we get a lot of parents in our lobby during Summer Welcome asking questions about Columbia – where to live, what to do, where to eat. They are so excited to be here and when talking with them and answering their questions, I get excited to be here all over again. Every time.

Mugs Up:

Mugs Up

(Mugs Up at 603 Orange Street)

It seems like I’ve spent a lot of time talking about food: patios, ice cream, farmer’s markets.  Mugs Up is more than food, though, it’s an experience. If you’ve never been to Mugs Up, it is a small family operated drive-in located on Orange Street.  Their signature style loose meat “zip burgers” are tiny but tasty and their home made root beer served in thick glass mugs is just like root beer should be. Mugs Up: car hops serving hot delicious burgers, fries and root beer to your car window since 1955.

Summer Concerts:


(9th Street Summerfest, photo courtesy of The Blue Note)

Columbia is a great music town all year, but I think our summer concerts are special. The variety is amazing; from high energy crowds jammed together on Ninth Street during Summerfest events to low-key, family friendly Sunday night concerts in Shelter Gardens, we have it all. If it gets too hot for you, duck into the Missouri Theatre for the Missouri Symphony Society’s Hot Summer Nights performances.

Let us know what you think of Beth’s favorites, and don’t forget to check back with us next week for more Friday Favorites!

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‘Tis the season…to panic about holiday shopping! Lists of friends, relatives and co-workers are piling up and making you wonder if you’ll ever get all your gifts bought. Never fear, Columbia is here! We’ve assembled another festive list (one you can even sing along with) that can help you knock out those presents in a snap. Spend one day in CoMo then put your feet up to revel in having your shopping done.

On my CoMo holiday shopping trip, I bought on my spree…

Twelve Velvet Cupcakes

Pick up a dozen of the most delectable, unique treats you’ll come across this season. The cupcake menu at opens in a new windowThe Velvet Cupcake changes daily, but the guests at your holiday party or your aunt with the sweet tooth will be delighted no matter which flavor you choose.

Eleven Painting Classes

Grab your ten closest friends and have a night out at opens in a new windowThe Canvas on Broadway. At the Canvas, art is for everyone, and you’ll leave with your very own piece of art and great holiday memories. They also have a bar, so your creativity will undoubtedly be heightened.

Ten Terrific Tootsies

Some days, there’s nothing more relaxing than a nice spa pedicure. For the person in your life who could use some pampering, pick up the gift of relaxation in the form of a gift card for one of Columbia’s many spas. A couple of Columbia favorites, opens in a new windowRiversong and opens in a new windowSalon Adair, will always be winners.

Nine Gunther’s Tokens

Have someone who always wants the highest score? opens in a new windowGunther’s Games is back in downtown Columbia! Offering classic games as well as new titles, Gunther’s is a great place for your favorite kid or kid at heart.

Eight Tiger Goodies

You’ve probably heard that Mizzou has had a pretty fantastic year sports-wise. Show your favorite fans you care with some Tiger gear from opens in a new windowRally House or opens in a new windowTiger Spirit. From coffee mugs to keychains, pom-poms to Tiger ears, the Mizzou fans in your life will go crazy for your black and gold gift.

Seven Stocking Stuffers

Everyone likes to find a little something special in their stocking! Check out opens in a new windowCalhoun’s for fun little gifts ranging from unique jewelry to fun home decor and items for kids. Calhoun’s really is a one-stop-shop for that something extra special for anyone on your list!

Six Local Art Pieces

If there’s one thing Columbia really knows how to do, it’s art! Explore spots like opens in a new windowArtlandish, opens in a new windowPS:Gallery, opens in a new windowBluestem Missouri Crafts and the opens in a new windowColumbia Art League Gallery for pieces with a local flavor at all price points. Whether you’re looking for a small work or a statement piece to last a lifetime, Columbia’s galleries offer some of the most beautiful work around.

Fiiiiiive Flower Arrangements

Everyone needs a centerpiece for the big holiday meal, right? Volunteer to take care of that this year and get rave reviews with an arrangement from opens in a new windowKent’s Floral Gallery on Broadway. Just stepping inside Kent’s during the holidays is an experience. Kent and his team will make your holiday shine with an arrangement that’s ready to go or customize it to your preference.

Four Pints of Sparkys

You can also be the star of the holiday by showing up with dessert! Allow us to recommend stopping by opens in a new window Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream to pick up an array of flavors. You can choose from the ready-to-go freezers or have them pack up any of their available flavors as well. You can go as traditional or outlandish on your choices as you want…Sparky’s has something for everyone!

Three Bags of Coffee

Another thing Columbia does well is coffee. With three colleges and a population of hard-workers, there’s never a short demand for caffeine. Explore the different roasts and local shops like opens in a new window Lakota, opens in a new windowCoffee Zone and opens in a new windowKaldi’s to get the java lover in your life something new for their mornings.

Two True/False Passes

The opens in a new windowTrue/False Film Fest is one of the hallmark weekends in Columbia. What started as a small event 11 years ago is now one of the world’s most respected documentary film festivals. Throw in a parade, music showcases, a game show and nightly parties and you have pretty much the most fun someone could have in four days. opens in a new windowPasses are on sale now!

And a Gift Certificate Just For You From Me!

Need a gift for that one person who has everything? Let them explore Columbia for themselves! A gift certificate to opens in a new windowThe District will get that special someone into restaurants, shops and more!

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Somehow we’ve already made it to November this year! With only a few weeks left in 2013, here are a few Columbia experiences to check off your list before you ring in the new year. Of course, if you wait a little longer, we won’t tell.

13. Peruse a Gallery
Looking for a little inspiration? Wander through some of  opens in a new windowColumbia’s impressive art galleries for all mediums of art created by artists from across the country. 
12. Explore Campus
There’s not much more beautiful than freshly fallen snow on the  opens in a new windowUniversity of Missouri campus. Both the historic buildings and majestic trees look even more amazing than usual under a blanket of white. 
11. Take in a Movie

Spend a few hours in another world with the incredible films showing daily at  opens in a new windowRagtag Cinema. With a calendar full of documentaries, acclaimed films from other countries and features made by locals, your Ragtag experience will be both relaxing and enlightening.

10. Grab Some Hot Chocolate

Whether you’re cold, thirsty or your hands are just freezing, take time to explore all of Columbia’s wonderful coffee shops. If you need something with a little more pick-me-up, we love the Rocket Fuel at  opens in a new windowCoffee Zone.

9. Make Your Own Art

Even if you say you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, try your hand at painting with an evening of art at the  opens in a new windowCanvas on Broadway or  opens in a new windowPaint the Town Columbia. Both spots have fun projects to sign up for, helpful instructors and a bar!

8. Sip a Drink
If you’re looking for something a little different, head to  opens in a new windowBleu to try out some of their  opens in a new windowseasonal custom cocktails. House-made mixes, syrups and spirits mean you can imbibe in a Red October, a Giggle Water or a Cat on a Hot Gin Roof, all created just for you.
7. Walk on a Trail

Columbia is home to more than 50 miles of  opens in a new windowtrails! Whether you’re a hiker, biker or leisurely stroller, Columbia’s trails are a great escape from the holiday bustle.

6. Get Tiger Gear and Give a Cheer

Time to get some new black and gold gear for the winter season!  opens in a new windowRally House opens in a new windowTiger Spirit and  opens in a new windowAlumni Hall are great one-stop shops for all your Tiger best. Of course, you’ll want to sport your new clothes at a Tiger sporting event, so make sure to get some  opens in a new windowtickets too.

5. Attend Living Windows
As the weather turns colder, shopkeepers throughout The District begin planning for the annual  opens in a new windowLiving Windows Festival. On the first Friday in December,from 6 to 8 p.m., shopkeepers move all the merchandise, out of their front windows and stage live holiday performances for onlookers. 
4. Sample Some Sparky’s
Though some may disagree, ice cream is just as amazing in the winter. So amazing, in fact, that  opens in a new windowSparky’s Homemade Ice Cream is finally going to be open year-round! Those who used to mourn their cold weather closing will be enjoying their incredible range of flavors 365 days a year. 
3. Check Out the UCS
Make the  opens in a new windowUniversity Concert Series your new holiday tradition. Family-friendly performances including The NutcrackerA Christmas Carol and a Tribute to Trans-Siberian Orchestra go on stage in the historic venues of Jesse Hall and the Missouri Theatre.
2. Buy Your True/False Passes
The  opens in a new windowTrue/False Film Festival has become one of the most renowned documentary festivals in the entire world. Get your  opens in a new windowpasses now to experience the films, music, parties and general revelry that True/False brings year after year.
1. Visit the Magic Tree

There’s no better way to end the year than to load up the car and visit Columbia’s  opens in a new windowMagic Tree. This tradition started in the front yard of a south Columbia home and is now located in the Village of Cherry Hill, where thousands of people stand in awe at the over 40,000 lights on one tree.

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